About FAAB

FAAB is a registered formal body of apartment complexes in Bengaluru

FAAB reg cert

To briefly introduce, FAAB is a Registered Body, registered under the Societies Act, 1960, w.e.f 09.02.2017. FAAB has been formed to bring together the various Apartment Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) across Bengaluru, with intent to advise, assist and act on behalf of the members. This initiative to provide a platform to redress common issues of Apartment Associations is being attempted in a highly professional manner by many like-minded enthusiasts.

This Federation aims at not just fighting for justice against unrealistic demands of the various Civic Bodies, but also aims at providing suggestions or solutions to common issues, be it, waste management / generator / house-keeping / civil work / electrical / plumbing / gardening etc.  It is indeed gratifying to have this Forum, that helps hapless office bearers of RWAs on various issues related to running an Apartment Association.  

After all, ‘Sharing is Caring’ is our Motto. FAAB aims at bringing the shared wisdom of various RWAs to one place for the common good of all members.  FAAB expects that in the near future, it gets recognised by Civic Bodies to the extent that they invite us for a discussion before making Rules / passing any Law that affects Apartment Complexes. 

For now, the first and the most important issue is the fight against imposition of illogical order passed by BWSSB on STP Installation in Apartment Complexes with 20 and above flats or Apartments built on or above 2000 sq mtr. area in all Apartment Complexes, and made applicable retrospectively.

To get an over-view of the FAAB’s presence on this issue, kindly go through the following …

  • Even before registering the formal body, FAAB went ahead with the protest against the order.
  • On 17.01.2017, a Representation was submitted to the Chairman, BWSSB seeking redressal from the Order. Soon after, on 19.01.2017, partial reprieve was recommended by BWSSB to the concerned Hon’ble Minister and on 02.02.2017 directed jurisdictional offices to not to impose penalty. As a result most of the Apt. Associations have noticed that the Penalties were discontinued in the bill received w.e.f February 2017;
  • Core Team of FAAB met the Hon’ble Minister for Forest, Environment & Ecology, Shri Ramanath Rai on 10.02.2017 and submitted a letter to recommend a change in the order from “Retrospective effect” to only “new apartment complexes under construction”;
  • Core Team of FAAB had a Press Meet in the Press Club on 11.02.2017, voicing their opinion against the issuance of BWSSB’s Order, which was widely covered by both Print and Electronic Media.
  • Going forward, more Ministers and other high level officials will be met, to present our case, even going to the level of Hon’ble Chief Minister
  • FAAB has filed the PIL dated 28.02.2017, against the order of BWSSB on this issue.
  • FAAB has gone ahead and prepared to file a writ petition on behalf of its members with the High Court of Karnataka. All steps are taken to file writ petitions on behalf of RWAs in batches of 10, to add weight to the main Writ filed by FAAB. Also, this will reduce the overall cost to each RWA significantly.
  • FAAB is working on setting up Experts’ Panel, covering various aspects of running RWAs of Apartments.
  • Important activities of FAAB will be posted as blogs on FAAB’s website. Work is going on in the background to make the website a beacon for every RWA to address their various issues.

All these and more steps are being taken by a core group of enthusiasts who are investing their valuable time, expertise and energy for the common good of all Apartment Complexes spread across the length & breadth of Bengaluru.

I, the undersigned, on behalf of Federation of Apartment Associations, Bengaluru (FAAB), welcome all the Apartment Associations in Bengaluru to join hands with FAAB, to redress / resolve all the common issues faced by Apt. Complexes, which will help each one of us lead a peaceful life today and create a better tomorrow for all our apartment complexes.  

“Always Seek out the Seed of Triumph in every Adversity”