BWSSB changes stand on retrospective STP – 14th Dec

FAAB has been fighting the retrospective STP in various forums, Courts, Media and through Protests. After FAAB’s press meet at Vidhana Soudha (13th Dec), Government of Karnataka and BWSSB together issued a joint statement of putting a hold onto the retrospective implementation of STP on 14th Dec.


  • Retrospective STP will not be applicable for apartments connected to BWSSB Underground Sewage system.
  • STP will be applicable for apartments built after 2016 and violate Environment impact assessment notification.



Join FAAB’s protest

FAAB rally
Fight against retrospective STPs


Fellow residents of apartments,

The time has come for us to break out of silence and protest in a big way. BWSSB is out there to cover up their shortcomings by using apartments as scape-goats. Not only are we being made scape goats, they are also harassing us in every way possible – 3 times higher water charges, mandating an infeasible retrospective STP implementation in old apartments complexes are a few. Being silent and nice is not helping us.

Do not tolerate this anymore !!!, The time is now to rise and fight this injustice, else, repent for this lost opportunity and be a subject of harassment for years to come.

Yes, it is now or never.

We, at FAAB, have organised a peaceful protest walk from Townhall to Freedom park, on 16th Dec. 2017 at 10:30am. Following the walk the core team of FAAB will handover a strong letter of protest against the “Retrospective STP” order to The Chairman, BWSSB.

Join us in thousands, let us show our strength.



FAAB’s 1st anniversary of getting together for the fight against retrospective STPs

FAAB organised a simple yet grand celebration of coming together of many apartment complexes to fight the harassment of BWSSB in mandating setting up a retrospective STP.

The celebration was attended by the 60 registered members of FAAB and many more well wishers. The proceeding not only covered the core issues, the focus was also to look beyond the retrospective STP and look to address a broader set of issues that apartments in Bengaluru face today.

FAAB (Federation of Apartment Associations Bengaluru) is a milestone organisation for the benefit of apartments coming up in Bengaluru. The volunteers representing various apartment complexes have been tirelessly fighting the battle against BWSSB and KSPCB in numerous avenues including Karnataka High Court and National Green Tribunal (Chennai) against the retrospective STP order. Slowly and steadily creating awareness of the harassment meted out to the apartment complexes in general and seeking justice.

– Arun Selvaraj