Objectives of FAAB:

FAAB (Federation of Apartment Associations Bengaluru) has been formed with the following objectives …

  • to be the voice of all the apartment complexes across Bengaluru
  • to represent collective causes with a unified voice (e.g.) the recent STP levy
  • to be a medium for apartment complexes to collaborate and learn from each other

To know more about us, please visit the About FAAB page.


FAAB has been registered and will accept membership from registered apartment complexes. The benefits of membership will be many for participating apartment complexes – the immediate (but not limited to) is to represent the collective voice of apartment complexes against the STP levy imposed by BWSSB.

If you are interested to join the conversation of over 200+ apartment complexes, please send us your apartment complex details using the Contact us page.

To apply for membership, please visit the Apply for membership page.


Please refer the blogs page for recent updates on our activities.